Mòd nan Eilean Siar

Here are some of our performances from the Lovat and Tullibardine Shield and the Puirt competition. Our own choice was ‘Ainneamhag’ written by Maighstir Marcas Mac an Tuairneir and arranged by Mary Ann Kennedy:

The puirt this year was arranged by Sileas Sinclair – we loved it 🙂

The set piece in the L&T was the beautiful love song ‘Tiondaidh am bàt’

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2 Responses to Mòd nan Eilean Siar

  1. Ron Goudie says:

    Hello Inbhir Nis
    Last time that puirt was prescribed, a certain Iseabail MacTaggart conducted the Ile Choir to victory and there was some serious Ninja conducting going on. We got her a “1/2 conductor, 1/2 Ninja” hoodie to celebrate!!
    I noticed that she was giving Mary Ann a few pointers in the commentary booth at the Rural choirs, before the results. (the crowd sang Sine Bhan and THAT PUIRT)
    The fact that she (Mary Ann) went out the following day and you guys WON!! In my book, she should be inducted into the Ninja conductors hall of fame!!! What do you think?

  2. She was dressed all in black, and she took her shoes off for the L&T so you could be on to something there. Half ninja, half St Kildan maybe? 🙂

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